Vial Bottle Embedded with Crystals, Stones, and Herbs


The Bespoke Flacon (pronounced “flack – on”) is crafted with herbs of jasmine, corn flower and hibiscus.

The cork and glass rim are comprised of quartz crystals and pyrite intuitively selected by its maker and designer.

Each piece is delicately, precisely and intricately placed upon the glass in a process that takes focus and patience.

You will receive 1 Bespoke Flacon with rose petals & 1 botanical hibiscus dyed cork flacon filled with Assam Black Tea.



Width: 1.1″ x Height: approximately 5″

One 6″ x 9″ velvet bag, color intuitively selected

A dainty combination of traditional aesthetics and practical functionality, this 1.2-ounce (10 drams) vial features a clear glass tube designed and topped with a base of botanically dyed classic cork.

No two pieces are the same, each unique unto itself, a curiosity of admiration, purpose and collectability.

Ideal as part of a set, vanity favor or as a small standalone, this quaint vessel is perfect for storing herbs, oils, aromatherapy products and more.