Private Consultations

It’s not an infrequent occurrence that someone needs help in a specific area of their life.

People come to me with their private and personal needs for counsel on spiritual and herbal sustenance.

I want you to feel comfortable, I create unique blends based on you and your lifestyle.

To provide for these special circumstances, I offer you private consultation services.
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I am here for you at all times. Explore your options and put your mind at ease with a private consultation.

We will discuss you and the positives of plants, planets and nature with personalized guidance into supporting wellness on any level.

It’s easy to consult over phone or online, so take this opportunity to expand your horizons.

I am here to listen and answer your concerns.

All consultations are virtual via voice through phone, zoom or skype with discretion assured.

Appointments are based on availability and will be scheduled upon completion of the Consultation Form below.