Enhanced Mint Smash Confection in Glass Flacon in Plush Velvet Bag


What are Crooked Crows Herbal Confections?

Our herbal delicacies are enhanced with edible herbs and naturally extracted plant essence.

We have formulated a sinful pleasure beyond compare.

Explore the magic and healthful benefits in this unique selection.

Once you remove the cork from the glass flacon you will immediately experience the sensation of this enchanted formulation, a scent of the heavens.

Carry them with you to refresh your taste buds and benefit from its lingering aromatic pleasure.

Add to your tea, oatmeal, hot buttered toast or just sweeten your tongue with the long-lasting freshness of our organic ingredients.


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Mint Smash

Oh, the magic of mint; most especially to the senses of taste and smell. No wonder this herb is known for its aromatic and digestive properties. We have blended it with sweetness quite welcome to the tongue.

Carry it with you for clean refreshment.

Archaeologists have found dried leaves on Egyptian pyramids dating back to the first millennium BC, and it is known that Hippocrates and Aristotle used it as a calmative and anesthetic.

Take a pinch of Mint Smash and place it under your pillow for prophetic dreaming and protection from nightmares. Add a bit of Mint Smash to your bath water and remove unwanted energy. It said to improve the state of attention, memory and relieves headaches.

Ingredients: Organic mint essence, crushed organic mint leaves and organic cane granules

Organic Herbal Enhanced Confection available in Rose Blush, Mint Smash, Citrus Crush and Cinnamon Shatter.

Each Keepsake Flacon is unique, a dainty combination of traditional aesthetics and practical functionality.

Quaint Container features a 1.2-ounce (10 drams) vial in a keepsake clear glass, flat bottomed Flacon design topped with a classic cork.

Width: 1.1″

Height: 3.6″

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