Mugwort Extract


Botanical Name: Artemisia Vulgaris

Common Names: riverside wormwood, felon herb, chrysanthemum weed, wild wormwood, old Uncle Henry, sailor’s tobacco, naughty man, and/or old man

During the Middle Ages, mug wort was considered a serious protective herb. It was believed to offer insight to other realms and was used for  anxiety, melancholy, deep meditation and lucid dreaming.

Mugwort has also been used for centuries to combat fatigue and the protection of travelers against nasty spirits and predators of the forest. The Roman army used mugwort in their sandals. They believed it protected their feet from cramps and fatigue.

Grieve’s Modern Herbal (1931) states in the Middle Ages, John the Baptist wore it around his torso in the wilderness.  A headpiece made from its stems and leaves was often worn on St. John’s Eve to garner protection from evil possession.   Holland and Germany reference Mugwort as ‘St. John’s plant’, as it is believed that if it is collected on St. John’s Eve, it will protect you from misfortune and diseases. 

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We strongly suggest you educate yourself on any herb you purchase-

Caution: Do NOT consume this herb if you are pregnant or lactating. If you are taking blood thinning medication, please consult with your health care provider before using.

Mugwort should not be used in those who are pregnant as it may cause the uterus to contract and induce miscarriage. Due to the lack of safety research, mug wort should also not be used in children or people who are breastfeeding.

People with a ragweed allergy should use mugwort with caution due to an increased risk of an allergic reaction.

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