50+ Moon Flower Seeds Datura Inoxia (white) | Garden Spring Night Bloomer


Enchanted and Magical Moon Flowers.
Reward the goddess in you and celebrate the moon flower blooming in the glow of the night sky.

These bloom into hearty palm size or larger white flowers.
Moon Flowers grow annually so save your seed pods!

Our mother plants are grown organically, no exposure to pesticides or chemical fertilizer anywhere on our property.
We have free range hens, over 20 bee hives, our gardens and do everything organically on our small farm.

Datura inoxia – Moon Flower (white).
These are not the moon flower vine but rather the plant.
They will leave you with seed pods every fall.
Break them open and harvest your own seeds for next season.

*These are deer and desert resistant.

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Approximately 50+ loose Moon flower seeds.

Packaged in a corked glass flacon (vial) with charm in an intuitively selected color velvet bag

Planting and user friendly instructions arrive on collectible printed card.

My husband always starts the seeds indoors at about the end of March thru April and babies them until he transfers them to the soil.
He plants the seeds in small greenhouse type containers and covers them with a 1/4 inch of organic plant soil and keeps them moist.
They may take a few weeks to germinate so be patient.

Seeds are packaged in a glass Flacon ( vial) with cork top.

I am absolutely in love with this plant. My husband planted them in my garden as a token of his love and I just am obsessed with them; I actually watch them bloom as dusk appears.

It’s as if it happens before your very eyes, I mean it really does!

They open slowly, untwisting and spreading their trumpet like petals.

It is truly awesome!

You will not be disappointed, they are just magical.

Note to yourself: Caution should be taken when growing moonflowers in areas with small children or pets. While moonflowers are not harmful if touched, the plant is not meant for ingestion and is considered toxic. Side effects of moonflower seed ingestion include hallucinations and, in rare cases, respiratory distress.

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