Moon Cycle Oxymel Herbal Honey and Vinegar Extracts


Oxymel formulations are as old as time, providing the purest benefits of nature without alcohol.
Oxymel (from Latin ‘acid and honey’, from Ancient Greek ὀξύς ‘acid’, and μέλι ‘honey’) is a mixture of honey and vinegar.

Moon Cycle herbal blend is directed to address the mental and physical discomfort associated with the cycles of the moon, with emphasis on pain and mood.

Rose petals are categorized as a nervine, helpful in raising one’s spirits, with aphrodisiac and mildly sedative qualities. According to studies it reflects physiological and psychological relaxation, analgesic and anti-anxiety effects while complimenting digestive support.

Passionflower may help treat anxiety, insomnia, physical pain and increase levels of gamma- aminobutyric acid (GABA), a chemical the brain makes to help regulate mood.

Linden Flower, Mugwort and Hyssop to address insomnia, anxiety, and the lowering of chronic stress levels.

Cramp Bark and White Willow Bark to address the body’s tension and discomfort, especially during the moon cycle.

Secured in a plush velvet bag.


The moon could be regulating ocean tides, mood and our reproductive organs.
It isn’t too farfetched to believe that plants and animals depend on these cycles to be prepared for changes in the environment.
Science is slowly showing moon myths hold some truth.

The “lunar effect” is the concept that moon cycles and human behavior are connected. Lunacy stems from Luna, the Latin word for moon. The full moon has been associated with strange or insane behavior, including insomnia, sleepwalking and violence. Erratic behavior is more likely shown during a full moon.

No matter how you look at it, the Moon has some effect. To say it doesn’t is just silly.

There are many tales of the moon from mythology to recent studies done by The National Criminal Justice Service. Although dismissed by some, the myths and legends now have the support of scientific data (to back what all of us already knew).

Nature has never failed to bring us a new dawn every 24 hours, the oceans tide in 12.4 hours and Moon phases occur every 29.5 days.

The Moon could affect our sleep patterns. you may have been born when the moon is closest to the earth, when the gravitational pull is the strongest.

Ever have a change in your perspective affecting your mood? It may only last a few days but, it is without explanation.

When you just can’t fall asleep, maybe for a few nights or a full week. You’re up all night with your energy high and your thoughts abound.

Then there is digestion. Do you experience phases of smooth moves and then, out of the blue everything goes haywire?

How about the coming and going of teeth grinding, skin rashes, ingrown hair, and that gripping ache or shooting pain?

Well, us too and we suggest you check the moon.

Ingredients: Cramp Bark, White Willow Bark, Passionflower, Rose Petals, Mug wort, Hyssop, Linden Flower, Raw Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, Non-alcohol

Servings: 1 FL OZ Boston Brown Bottle, approximately 30 servings of tincture blend (when using recommended ratio)

Directions: Take 1 – 4 Full Droppers every 2-4 hours or as needed to help manage pain and other symptoms caused by the Moon’s Cycle.
Do NOT use this product in this manner longer than 14 days.

Caution: Do NOT consume this Oxymel if you are pregnant or lactating, or if you are currently on any blood thinning medication.

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*This information for educational purposes only. This product is not intended to cure any type of disease or replace any prescription medication you are currently taking. This product or statements has not been approved by the FDA. Please be aware of any herbal allergies you may have prior to consumption. *

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