Love Thyself Ritual Oil vegan massage self love wellness natural gift


Love Thyself Massage Oil will strengthen your heart amidst emotional chaos and remind you that you are worthy of your own love.

Love Thyself Massage Oil has been infused with the extracts of Juniper Berry, Holy Basil, Jasmine, and Orange Peel as well as Rose Quartz Crystal Essence to help evoke the love within yourself which you have been giving to others, but neglecting yourself. Scented with a comforting essential oil blend reminiscent of a midsummer garden to help amplify your oil’s energetic power.

Directions: Use the Love Thyself Ritual Oil to anoint yourself, your candles, and other Ritual Tools before any energetic work centered around the practice of Self Love.

Crooked Crows Caw: Wear this Ritual Oil on your wrists while burning the Love Thyself Ritual Candle in a Love Thyself Bath while sipping Love Thyself Tea for maximum energetic potency and heart healing


*Love Thyself Oil has been made with All-Natural, organic, ethically sourced materials and imbued alchemically.*

Ingredients: Jasmine Flower, Orange Peel, Juniper Berry, Holy Basil Leaf, Grapeseed Oil, Rose Quartz, Essential Oils: Jasmine, Orange, Ylang Ylang

Secured in a plush velvet bag.

Description: 1 FL OZ Boston Brown Bottle with Dropper Lid filled with a generous amount of Massage Oil.

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*This Oil is not meant for consumption. Please be aware of any herbal allergies you may have before using this product.* The information supplied is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Energetic results are not guaranteed.

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