Energy Protection Herbal Spray Mist in a Plush Velvet Bag


Reach for Crooked Crows Energy Protection Mist when the air is filled with questionable objection and all signs point to rebuttal.

Experience an essence of lightness imbued with relief and unbridled freedom.

Experienced the breeze of this scentas  it envelopes one with the feeling of a warm mellow hug and the winds of joy.

Fill the air with an Energy Protection Mist a blend of Rosemary, Blood Root and Cedar.

Rosemary has been traditionally is used as a screen of protection and purification. Honestly- Rosemary is such a diverse herb, some use it magically for memory as it is said its scent arouses neural axon connections and sharpens the lead line to thought processes helping to sharpen and speed connections in thought. It is historically used as an antiseptic as it is said its volatile oils penetrate and destroy opposing organisms unwelcome in a pure environment.

Blood Root has been traditionally used to give fuel for purification inviting protection and love. It is known as The Guardian of the Family. Extremely noted in warding off evil in the home and bringing in good fortune to your family and its members. Blood Root is a definite marriage, relationship, tight knit loyalty and protection herb. It encourages harmony when hung over your entry door and states influence and respect for all who pass towards your home and members. It is used as a dye for fabric, a stain for wood as well as body paint however, it is very caustic so we do not recommend using it as a body paint. Actually, Blood Root is used homeopathically in salves and ointments in order to destroy warts, skin tabs and tissue growth. It does/will destroy animal tissue and should be used with extreme caution.

Sorceress Speaks insists you use caution with Blood Root and do not use it topically or internally. With Blood Root its best to focus on its use on its aesthetic purpose only, not involving any type of ingestion on any level.

Cedar is traditionally used to promote protection and purification. Many cabinets and boxes are lined with cedar. Some say it is to protect from infestation while I like to think it is there to magically protect and preserve the contents. I love to open old cedar treasure boxes with the brass clip lock that kept them shut. They often had painted or burned engravings of the town or the point of interest. I just loved the way they smelled and still do. I do find some sort of comfort in the scent of cedar. As a child when we went on vacation it was often the custom to see cedar boxes. As children we were often left to dawdle in the tourist shop; my favorite section was the cedar trinket boxes. I use to pick each one up in the store, open the lid, smell it, close it, latch it and set it back amongst the others.

Historically this blend cleanses the air as to not entertain any dim thoughts- and to create a mental path of stepping stones to strengthen and increase a safe haven free from all the darkness of the dim.

This edited selection of crafted herbs are chosen elements of Fire; integrating the fiercest of planets.

Impowered with Cedar and Rosemary carrying with it the energy of the Sun and Bloodroot with the forceful planet of Mars.

The essence of this scent is light and welcoming with an emphasis on kindness and warmth.

Use this to empower the filtered distance during a pause in social contact, escaping the dim of illness and dark shadows.

Welcome protection as it purifies and strengthen one’s paths of thought, invites confidence and empowers an implied lineage of reverence.
Spray lightly in your path or area of focus whilst turning clockwise to bring in all good and counter clockwise to escape all bad.

I have found combining both counter clockwise and clockwise sprays work best whilst I enchant the air with directed intention.

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You will receive:

One four-ounce glass Boston brown bottle with capped sprayer top.

Encased in a plush drawstring Velvet Bag (color intuitively selected)

One Crooked Crows Vinyl Sticker.

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*This product is not intended to cure any type of disease or replace any prescription medication you are currently taking. Consult your Physician before beginning any herbal regime. This product nor these statements has not been approved by the FDA. Please be aware of any herbal allergies you may have prior to consumption. this information is provided for educational purposes only*

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