Enchanted Handcrafted Broomcorn and Hardwood House Broom


Making Brooms is an art that dates back to ancient times. folks would gather grass and twigs and tie them onto a stick. Some would just grab a tree branch and use it as a primitive broom to keep their area free of debris. It was in the 1800’s when the Shakers came up with a vise that allowed them to create a broom that was pressed flat. This allowed for a much more efficient effect of a sweeping brush. Our Artisans use the same techniques developed over 200 years ago to craft the brooms we have offered here.


These handmade house brooms are the definition of functional art. Featuring a unique rustic appeal, they’re magical just hanging on your wall.

These brooms are made to be used so don’t be afraid to sweep with them.  Their rigid brushes make them great daily sweepers for all floor types. From a rough slate tile entryway to fine wood flooring (won’t scratch!). They work perform wonderfully. These are the only brooms you will ever need.

Brooms have long been customary to gift for housewarming and weddings to symbolize a fresh start. In other words, leave all your old dirt behind.

All of our besoms are handcrafted using only the highest quality broom corn and individually selected hardwoods. These hardwood handles are hand harvested in the Pacific Northwest. They are then kiln dried to preserve the natural bark exterior which creates a unique reflection of nature.

Our Artisans exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail lies within these brooms. With proper care, your house broom will prove to last you a very long time.

• Color: Hand Dyed Rainbow Broom corn, natural or black
• Materials: High Quality Broom corn, Twine, Broom Wire, Locally Harvested Hardwoods
• Dimensions: Height 53″ Brush Width 11″
• Loop on handle for hanging and storage

Additional information

Weight112 oz
Dimensions60 × 8 × 8 in

Natural, Black


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