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There is a story behind this logo, You see the “Crooked Crows” are Erin and Michael – and what a Crooked Path they have had. They had a t-shirt with a similar design because it was the same name as Erin’s Apothecary.  Erin tracked down the artist, it took some time but they found Dreamstatic and they agreed to customize a logo specific to her and her business.

Erin didn’t feel right about taking another artists work and tweaking it-

“it’s not what you do to another artist, and now I consider them to be my very besties, we have a great relationship and they do all our branding- I just love them and wouldn’t have done it any other way.” says Erin

Here’s the rest of the logo love story….

Erin saw Michael at the Waffle Wagon in a small town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and it was love at first sight. She invited him to a fund raiser and they were married a year later to the day.

opps..not that love story, the other one…

“Est 1313”

Erin’s (before their marriage) address – the house numbers were really “1313” so that is why is says “Est 1313” on the logo!

“Apiculture” on the title of the book in the logo means Beekeeping, the maintenance of bee colonies, commonly in man-made hives, by humans.

Michael solely tends to Crooked Crows honey bee hives in Weld County Colorado, ( using alchemic methods)  of which are in their own backyard lol. buzzzz

“Herbs” on one of the other books well, that’s how it all started and what its all about.
Erin has a passion for herbs and a business catering to her family and friends and now all of you!

The bottle of “Absinth”?

That is on a shelf in Erin and Michaels personal apothecary and going to be cracked open in real life one day…?

What’s Aqua Vitae?
Aqua vitae /ˌækwə ˈviːtæ/ (Latin for “water of life”) or aqua vita is an archaic name for a concentrated aqueous solution of alcohol. That would be our Crooked Crows herbal tincture preparations.
The term was in wide use during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, although its origin is likely much earlier.

They truly are “Purveyors of Fine Herbs and Aqua Vitae”.. traveling the globe gaining knowledge and skills in herbalism, seeking out and exploring discovering new experiences and people, just having fun!

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Many Blessings!

Remaining Characters: 200/200

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4″ x 6″ Vinyl Sticker

1. Clean application area. Use water (no chemicals). Do not apply on overly hot or cold surfaces.
2. Peel the white paper backing off the sticker
3. Slowly place the decal onto the desired surface. Rub/Press decal firmly with credit card.
4. Do not pull sticker off while putting it on, it will stretch it out, so be careful

Here’s some ideas: Car/Truck Windows, Car Body Surfaces, Bikes, Helmets, Motorcycles, Computers, Skateboards, Snowboards, Guitars, Tumblers, Mirrors,  Laptops, Home Walls, Home Windows, Store Windows, Doors, Laminate, Boats, Toolboxes, etc.

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