Boxed Treasure of Four Enchanted Shimmer Sugars Rose, Mint, Citrus, and Cinnamon


What are Sugar Shimmers?

We have formulated a sinful pleasure beyond compare. Explore the magic benefits in this unique selection.
Each sugar confection refects the shimmer of its essence.

Rose Gold, Copper, Emerald and yellow gold twinkle for the holidays all in a unique wooden gift box.

Each box is adorned by hand and intuitively has captured the beauty of Crooked Crows Herbal Confections.

Once you remove the cork from the glass flacon you will immediately experience the sensation of this enchanted formulation.

Sweeten and shimmer the rim of your glass or add to your beverage of choice. or just carry them with you to refresh your taste buds and benefit from its lingering aromatic pleasure.

Add this to your tea, oatmeal, hot buttered toast or just sweeten your tongue with the long-lasting freshness of our organic ingredients.

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Rose Blush

Rose Blush has been imbued with the energetic properties reflecting purification, protection, love, happiness and longevity.

Our formulation of Rose Blush begins with rose essence and rose petals surrounded by organic natural sweetness. Rose has been used in Chinese medicine for over 5000 years for its beneficial properties. It contains high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C and may enhance the positivity of mind. It is known for its digestive benefits and immune supporting qualities.

Ingredients: Rose essence, rose buds, organic cane granules

Citrus Crush

Over all, citrus symbolizes cleansing and purification and the abundant energy of the sun (think summer light and warmth! Citrus Crush is enchanted with the energetic properties reflecting; joy, happiness, purification, money, luck, rejuvenation and physical energy.

Citrus has several health benefits and may provide protection against free radicals and the harmful UV rays of the sun because they are rich in Vitamin C. Researchers showed that linalool – an aromatic compound that is contained in citrus fruits and other aromatic plants, altered gene activity and blood chemistry to lower the levels of stress when one is exposed to challenging conditions. Inhaling linalool reduced the activity of over 100 genes that usually increase in stressful situations.

Ingredients: Citrus Essence, Citrus Peel and organic cane granules

Cinnamon Shatter

Our Formulation begins with Ceylon Cinnamon known as the one and only true cinnamon. It has been used as an ingredient throughout history, dating back as far as Ancient Egypt. It was considered as rare, valuable and regarded as gifts fit for kings.

Steep it into an infusion of your favorite tea as Cinnamon is notorious for “heating up” cold romances and igniting passion. Have a cup of tea before divination for heightened psychic awareness and clairvoyance.

Cinnamon is made from the inner bark of trees by cutting the stems of the tree. Then the inner bark is extracted and woody parts removed. When it dries, it forms strips that curl into rolls. The distinct smell and flavor of cinnamon are due to the oily part, scientists believe that this compound is responsible for most of cinnamon’s powerful effects on health and metabolism not to mention, its known anti-inflammatory benefits.

Crooked Crows has imbued Cinnamon Shatter with energetic properties of protection, romance and good health. Take a pinch of Cinnamon Shatter and toss it through the entry way of your home or office to magically protect your space of unhealthy vibrations and bad intentions.

Ingredients: Organic cinnamon essence, crushed organic cinnamon bark and organic cane granules

Mint Smash

Oh, the magic of mint; most especially to the senses of taste and smell. No wonder this herb is known for its aromatic and digestive properties. We have blended it with sweetness welcome to the tongue for you to carry with you when you need it most.

Archaeologists have found dried leaves on Egyptian pyramids dating back to the first millennium BC, and it is known that Hippocrates and Aristotle used it as a calmative and anesthetic.

Take a pinch of Mint Smash and place it under your pillow for prophetic dreaming and protection from nightmares. Add a bit of Mint Smash to your bath water and remove unwanted energy. It said to improve the state of attention, memory and relieves headaches.

Ingredients: Organic mint essence, crushed organic mint leaves and organic cane granules

Organic Herbal Enhanced Confection in Rose Blush, Mint Smash, Citrus Crush and Cinnamon Shatter.

Each Flacon is a dainty combination of traditional aesthetics and practical functionality.

Quaint Container features a 1.2-ounce (10 drams) vial in a keepsake clear glass, flat bottomed Flacon design topped with a classic cork.

Width: 1.1″

Height: 3.6″

Cor, style or embellishments, although of similar or better quality, may slightly vary from photograph.

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Labeling subject to change.
Wooden Box design may vary slightly

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