Basil Bitters


The Basil Bitters from the Crooked Crows pairs the sweet, spicy taste of Holy Basil with crisp hints of Rosemary and Lemongrass to create a flavor profile reminiscent of an early summer herb garden.

Our Bitters are meticulously made by hand in small batches through our unique, alchemical method.

Each batch is started in the dark light of the New Moon and extracted by the glow of the Full Moon with close adherence to basic principles of Chemistry and energetic properties the seasonal calendar months. This ensures that each Bitters contains a powerful extract of a single botanical which gloriously expresses its full-bodied flavor and physical essence.

Incorporate Crooked Crows Bitters into your wellness routine and ritual work, or use for your own pleasure, to enhance cocktails or add into food dishes.

Our Basil Bitters beautifully compliment any lemon-based cocktail OR a simple lemonade to create a bright, fresh-from-the-garden flavor for your drink- excellent for the summertime (or anytime)!


Ingredients: Holy Basil, Angelica Root, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Gluten-Free Alcohol

Product Description: 2 FL OZ Boston Brown Bottle containing 60, 1 mL servings (when using recommended portion sizes.)

Directions for Simple Use: Take 1 Full Dropper as needed to obtain the full essence of our herbal extract

Directions for Use as a Flavor Add-In:

– Mild Flavor: 1 – 2 Full Droppers per 8 FL OZ

– Moderate Flavor: 3 – 4 Full Droppers per 8 FL OZ

– Strong Flavor: 5 + Full Droppers per 8 FL OZ

Caution: Do NOT consume this tincture if you are pregnant or lactating.

*This product is not intended to cure any type of disease or replace any prescription medication you are currently taking. This product has not been approved by the FDA. Please be aware of any herbal allergies you may have prior to consumption.**