Spell Kits


A complete ensemble of crafted magic in one velvet keepsake bag.
Each spell contains all that is necessary to cast and manifest your desire.
All that you require for your ritual will be included in a charmed velvet bag. These are handcrafted and enchanted by the Sorceress herself.
It is perfect choice to begin your Apothecary of magical herbs and spells for your personal Grimoire.


Select a Love Spell to invite kindness and forgiveness, to whisper secrets of happiness and wrap your heart with warmness, to resist any silence of joy and to make matter the little things.

Choose a Protection Spell to shelter, to repel all that is not worthy of you, to refuse the unwanted and shield all that is yours from the grim.

Pick a Gossip Spell to silence the noise and the chatter, to quiet the lips of the bored and idle, to halt the mindless wonder of others’ opinions.

Select an Infirmary Spell To sway the ills borne of the elements, to shed sickness and discomfort, to expedite recovery and to ward off that which is shared unknowingly.

Example of what may be in your Spell selection.
Spell oils
Glass Apothecary Vials of selected herbs enough for future spell work.
Glass Vial of wooden matches
Scroll guiding you through the ritual of spell work.
Plush Velvet Drawstring Bag
Crow Charm on lobster claw

Additional information

Weight12 oz
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in

Love Spell, Protection Spell, Infirmary Spell, Gossip Spell


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