Latin Name: Leonurus cardiaca (Labiatae)

Common Names: Motherwort, Agripalma, Cowthwort, Lion’s tail, Lion’s ear, Herba pectoralis

Part(s) used: Flower, leaf, stem (Aerial)

Form(s) used: Infusion, tincture, wash/compress


-Infusion: 8-14 g, 1-2x/day
– Tincture: 1-2.5 ml, 2-3x/day
– Wash/Compress: soak clean fabric in infusion (8-14g), then apply topically as needed throughout day

Herbal Actions

– Vital Stimulant
– Cooling
– Bitter and Astringing
– Dry
– Relaxing and Diffusing
– Restoring

Clinical Actions

– Cardiorelaxant
– Sedative and Hypnotic
– Astringent due to tannin constituents
– Antispasmodic
– Emmenegouge
– Nervine Tonic

Constituents: Iridoids, diterpenes (leocardin), triterpenes (ursolic acid), phenolic acid, bitter glycosides, tannins, trace minerals

Primary Uses: Provides relief for minor nervous cardiac disorders (rapid heartbeat) and hypertension; reduces menopausal and premenstrual syndromes, and menstrual discomfort; promotes regular menstruation; astringes and stops discharge/bleeding esp. in genitourinary tract; relaxes Central Nervous System and facilitates relaxation state to body; induces sleep; reduces minor cases of hypertension

Cautions, Contraindications, and Possible Adverse Effects: Contraindicated during main part of pregnancy due to herb being a uterine stimulant. Otherwise, there are no cautions or adverse effects reported when used correctly.


Written By: Sadie A. Garner, Clinical Herbalist

Resources Cited: Skenderi- p. 253-254, Holmes- p.578-579, Actions Database- p.65, CSCH Notes- Materia Medica Nervous System

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