Making Moon Water

Moon Water

The phases of the Moon have influence over the earth and presents itself in the tides of not only the ocean but in our body.  Up to 60% of an adult body is water, it only makes sense that we are affected by the phases of the moon.

Let’s harness the power of the moon with water.

  1. For the best results use rain water or other natural water source (like a creek or a lake). You may always collect snow if possible and save it for your moon water. If you do not have access to a natural water source its okay to use water from a faucet. There are no stern rules however, natural elements that you personally collected hold so much of your intention. I have always felt your quest for elements from the earth lend to your magic. Make sure you use purified, spring or distilled water if you are going to ingest your moon water.
  • Use a mason jar or other covered vessel, fill with water and place it in line with the moon. It’s not always possible to see the moon however, the beams will connect with the water through its gravitational vibrations. Near a window is the perfect spot or a patio or garden. It’s always a mystical adventure to place it outdoors. Exposed to the moon and earth.
  • If you like, add a clear quartz crystal to your moon water. This will not only cleanse your crystal it will empower your water with positive energy.
  • Hold the vessel in your hands close to your body, close your eyes. Envision the purpose of your enchantment and feel the warmth of your body as you cradle the water, do what comes to you, your water is alive and will graciously serve you.
  • Position your vessel facing the moon and leave it there overnight. The next morning come and collect your water. I always like to wrap my jar gently, with special cloth protecting it from the any other influence until I am ready to use it. Tie it with ribbon or twine and label the moon phase and date.

Here are some of the ways you might use your moon water

Use a few drops of your moon water in your bath water. Include a drop or two of your favorie oil and add some rose petals or yarrow flowers for happiness.

You may always water your garden with a bit of your moon water.

Add a few drops to you pets water or your tea.

Create a spritzer bottle of lavender, sage and rosemary with water- consciously add a few drops of your moon water and use to diffuse your space or linens.

Add a few drops of your moon water whenever you are called to- and get creative.

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