Enchanted Laundry

There are many ways for you to bring magic into your life, and one of them is through the seemingly mundane task of doing laundry.

We place crystals and jewelry in a bed of salt, bathe in imbued herbs, anoint ourselves with water and oils. Why would we not consider our clothing?

Clothing is often overlooked as a carrier of energy. Yet, it is one of the most common items to bring back memories and all that it carries with it. We sleep in our lover’s t-shirt or save a bandana from a favorite concert. How long have you had your coat or a pair of boots? Consider the encounters they hold with it.

Clothing is power, defines who we are, from a hipster or a fashion diva your clothes speak volumes. It only makes sense that it carries with it the energy it attracts. How many times do you change for that date or interview, dressing for a meeting or notable encounter? Unconsciously we are aware of the impression that is brought through our selection of clothing and the enchantment it brings.

What thoughts enter your mind when you see your special clothing packed away or hanging in a closet? So often the ewes and aahs are heard with the pleasure or disappointment it carries. Emotional ties often bind us to energy in our clothing . It is key to use our senses , enhance our thoughts and mentally visualize our experiences while cleansing all negativity attached to it.

In our modern lifestyles we tend to dry our clothing with unnatural or forced air. Why not incorporate the historic use of a clothes line when possible? Either in the windy sun of a hot day, or in your apartment with an imbued candle with incense burning nearby. Let the aromatics of herbs bring nature to your senses and invite the energy you desire to project.

Reflect upon your intention, close your eyes, open your heart and imbue the herbs (just a tiny pinch) with your vision and desires as you add it to your load of laundry as it washes. You may do same in your dresser drawers or make a spritz with your herbs and water to spray the inside of your washing machine or dryer.

Love : Basil, Thyme or Yarrow Protection: Angelica, Rosemary or Bay Leaf Happiness: Lavender, Hyacinth or Lily

It’s best to stay away from herbs that bleed like Hibiscus or Cornflower as it may stain. Just a pinch of herb enchanted with your intentions will do it.

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