About Us

Welcome to The Crooked Crows.

The Crooked Crows have traveled the planet researching different methods of herbal and mystical practices. Each product from our Apothecary is meticulously made by hand in small batches through our unique, alchemical method inspired by our explorations. Our batches are started in the dark light of the New Moon and extracted by the glow of the Full Moon with close adherence to basic principles of chemistry and energetic properties of the seasonal calendar months. The Crooked Crows are dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge through adventure and we work with Nature to provide you with the goods you need to support your Body, Mind, and Soul.

Our Clinical Herbalist, Sadie Garner, is a graduate of the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. She established an Etsy Store in 2016 as an all natural vegan health and wellness company. She is committed to practices in alchemy, mental and physical healing using plant based medicine.

Our owner, Erin Mahoney, is a successful entrepreneur, with a lifetime passion for herbalism, magic, and the phases of the moon. Her next venture is the Crooked Crows. She manifested this enchanted apothecary, a realm of adventure through exploration of wildcrafted products and experiences from all over the world.

When the two met through their similar paths, the moon and all the stars aligned. The rest is here to share with you…


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